Compoform uses special lamination technology to laminate (thermoplastic) skins on a core material. The process involves the use of a specialized in-house developed machine, known as a double belt press, to bond the skins to the core.


Compoform has a 72-meter-long production line, where we can produce sandwich panels in a semi-automatic process.


The double belt press is a machine that has two PTFE belts, that transport the different build-up layers through a 5-meter heating zone while applying constant pressure in a controlled manner. As the heat and pressure are applied, the thermoplastic material of the skins and core begins to soften and melt. This allows the materials to bond together, creating a strong and durable laminate. After the skin and core are bonded together, the PTFE belts transport the consolidated sandwich through a 5-meter cooling zone, in which the panel is cooled down to room temperature.

The maximum dimensions of the sandwich panels are 13.500mm x 2950mm x 150mm. Compoform panels are cut in line, making the production process efficient and cost-effective.

Our in-house technologies

  • Lamination in dimensions of max: 13.500mm x 2950mm x 150mm
  • CNC-sawing
  • Personalized UV logo printing
  • Edge sealing/Edge banding
  • Milling
  • Water jetting
  • Bending and welding

We offer full customization of products by enabling clients to add their logos, texts, and images, limited only by their imagination.

Our materials

These are some of our most common materials used in different industries.

Comfodeck® balsa wood panel

Comfodeck® PP-foam panel

Comfodeck® HD floor panel

Comfodeck® ultra light panel

Comfodeck® ultra-light recycle panel

Comfodeck® ultra-light honeycomb panel

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