Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section. Here, you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us for further assistance. We’re always happy to help!

1. What types of thermoplastic composite sandwich panels do you offer? 

Due to recyclability, price, and mechanical properties, Compoform prefers to use thermoplastic skins (glass-fiber-PP, carbon-PP, PP, glass-PET). We mostly laminate those thermoplastic skins onto a thermoplastic core material, preferably the same polymer in both skin and core are used. Even though Compoform prefers thermoplastic materials, we can also process fiber-reinforced polyester, steel, aluminum, paper, and more. 


2. What can I use Compoform materials for?

These can be used for anything the creative mind comes up with. Mostly being used for transportation, construction, and automotive purposes. 


3. What are the advantages of using thermoplastic composites instead of a thermoset?

Recyclability, mechanical properties like strength-to-weight ratio, and price are generally better for thermoplastics compared to thermosets. 


4.What is the maximum dimension that Compoform can make?

The maximum dimension we work with are 13.500mm x 2950mm x 150mm


5. Can I repair the Compoform panels?

Yes, the Compoform panels are very easy to repair as they are thermoplastic materials. Compoform offers reparation kits and instructions upon request. 


6. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Compoform produces under a continuous process from roll to panel. The skins we use are 300 linear meters, this is generally the MOQ. When orders can be combined, this MOQ can differ. Please contact us for more information.


7. What are the prices of Compoform materials?

As all composite solutions are custom-made, Compoform can choose the thickness of the core, the density of the core, the number of layers in the skin, the orientation of the layers, etc. Therefore, there is no standard price. Please contact us for your quotation. 


8. Where are Compoform materials produced?

Everything is 100% European-made. Either produced in our facility in Beek, the Netherlands, or Ospel, the Netherlands. 


9. How is recyclability applied in Compoform materials?

At the end of the lifecycle, the customer can bring back their materials to Compoform, and we reuse them to produce new products. Please contact us for more information. 


10. Does Compoform supply worldwide?



11. What are the standard delivery times?

Depending on the delivery of raw materials, between 6-10 working weeks. 


12. How are the Compoform sandwich panels delivered? 

Compoform delivers all materials on customized wooden pallets with stretch film to protect the materials during transportation. For transport to countries where wooden pallets are prohibited, Compoform can use plastic pallets or steel frames in consultation with the customer. 


13. What are the delivery terms at Compoform?

We deliver our product ex-factory Beek or Ospel. 


14. Does Compoform have stock materials?

No, every item is custom-made. 


15. What is Compoform’s UV resistance?

Most Compoform products are UV resistant for 10 years. 


16. What is the temperature range of Compoform materials?

This totally depends upon the composition of the sandwich. Glass-PP laminated on a PP-honeycomb has been tested between -40° and + 120° degrees. Other materials like XPS generally withstand lower temperatures and are therefore not recommended to be used on surfaces that become hotter than 50° degrees. Please consult us to design the right sandwich panel for your use. 


17. How is the anti-skid brought onto the panels? 

Compoform uses a special melting technology to melt an anti-skid service into the thermoplastic skin. This makes the anti-skid more rigid. 


18. Can the panels be painted or printed on?

Yes, using the suited primers, the Compoform panels can be painted, glued, and printed on. Compoform has its own UV printer which we can print panels for the customers ourselves.


19. What is the warranty period for Compoform materials?

3 years. Please read our general sales conditions for more information. This can be found in the footnote of our website.


20. Can you provide samples of a Compoform sandwich panel for testing?

Definitely! At the R&D location in Beek, Compoform has a small 700mm wide double belt press, on which we can produce small-scale production quantities and samples to be used for testing purposes at a maximum width of 700mm.


21. Does Compoform offer licenses? 

Yes. Please contact us for further details. 


22. Can I become a distribution partner?

Compoform is always looking to expand internationally, by having local sales partners. Please reach out to us to become our distribution partner. 


23. Can I visit the Compoform plants?

Of course! You are more than welcome. Please contact us for further information. 



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