The starting point for Compoform’s shareholders mission to develop super strong and light materials. After transfer of Novameer BV to Teijin, the shareholders decided to only be active in the anti-ballistic sector in good cooperation with Teijin.

Such is certainly possible in the near future and for example for protective plates on red-cross vehicles the company is active.


One of the first materials developed already in Compomeer BV was “Timpfi” which proved an ideal material (see the website of “Dokasch”) for light air cargo containers, socalled Unit Luggage Devices.

Now that the exclusivity-period expired, this material is in an even better (stronger / lighter) plate available at Compoform in a number of different executions. It is offered as from January 2021


Saving weight in transport becomes increasingly essential in electrical cars, 3,5 Ton trucks, but also in big trucks, trailers and containers.

For a 3,5 Ton transport truck with a normal loading capacity of some 800 kg maximum, the usage of Compoform’s floors, walls, doors and roof can safe some 200 kg of weight, increasing the loading capacity with the same amount. In many other transport vehicles varying from buses to horse trailers, but in public transport as well, our materials are being used.

Building and construction

Compoform started the use of the earlier described materials in scaffolding boards, and today these are increasingly used by almost all well known OEM’s underpinning the advantages in: light weight, unbreakable strength/stifness, high impact resistance, longlivety, integrated anti-slip surface, recyclebility and best price-performance ratio.

Replacing heavy construction boards (wood, plywood), Compodecks demonstrate the many advantages in many products.


Like it is mentioned above for building and construction time, Compoform again is asked and makes super light, strong, stiff (and beautiful) boards to replace traditional materials. Often customers themselves approach the company, suggesting the usage of Compo’s materials in their products. Often special demands can be met like total fire resistance or coloured surfaces or personification in UV-printing an integrated logo etc

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