New technologies

New ideas and suggestions for new applications / products are studied on a daily basis.

Related to its history, Compoform is of course still very development-minded and may use its existing knowledge and production base to realize new applications / products, but it also often supports new technologies or techniques if a sound production capacity will result from it.

New production

Compoform constantly will adapt manufacturing improvements or will make efforts in (semi) automatic production techniques or new products.

It may be expected that the company will concentrate in security at the supply of base materials or half-products.

One of the first materials developed in Compomeer BV was “Timpfi” which proved an ideal material for light air cargo containers, socalled Unit Luggage Devices.


It was from the very start the desire of the company to form alliances with third parties, both in the manufacturing and supply of base-materials as well as in the production of (half) products.

Also entering into license agreements on proprietary knowledge and knowhow is one of the KSF’s (Key Succes Factors) of the Compo-group.

Saving weight in transport becomes increasingly essential in electrical cars, 3,5 Ton trucks, but also in big trucks, trailers and containers.


Not only because customers ask us to be and support sustainability, but its is at the heart of Compoform’s  “LICENSE TO EXIST”


In the first 5 years of its existance, Compoform showed a doubling of its capacity every year, in fact only limited by the availability of the needed increase of working capital in view of the fact that Compoform does not want to operate with bank-loans or bank-credits.

It is also the very reason Compoform accepts orders only on basis of payment conditions in which 50% is paid at the moment of ordering and 50% is paid at the moment of delivery.

Like it is mentioned above for building and construction time, again Compoform is asked and makes super light, strong, stiff (and beautiful) boards to replace traditional materials. Often customers themselves approach the company, suggesting the usage of Compo’s materials in their products. Often special demands can be met like total fire resistance or coloured surfaces or personification in UV-printing an integrated logo etc

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