As from his time as a group-manager at DSM where he was also responsible for the success of the “High Performance Fiber Group (Dyneema), Mr. Hamm continued to invest in very strong, super-light materials first for anti-ballistic applications, later in many other ideas and applications for aviation, (electrical) automotive, mobility, building industry)

The original idea was to offer and sell  IP including POC ‘s (Proof Of Concepts) to specialized manufacturers. As customers asked through time once again for final products, “Compoform BV” arised in 2015 and it became the most recent entity active in a line of innovative developments.

Novameer BV

In the years 2004 – 2009, revolutionary ideas to manufacture strong and super-light thermoplastic composite materials, were realized in a dedicated development company “Novameer BV”. The base: a range of extreme strong fibers and tapes embedded in a “Matrix” of adapted polymers and the idea’s and developments were summarized in proprietary IP and “block-chain” patents. In 2009 the application of these materials for anti-ballistic applications, proved so succesfull ,that it did lead to the transfer of the company  to Teijin Ltd … Today “Endumax”, is considered globally one of the best anti-ballistic materials.

Compomeer BV

After selling Novameer BV, the know how, experience and IP was agreed and available to be used by Paul Hamm and some new shareholders in a large number of ”non-anti-ballistic”applications. Some 100 of those were realized in a long row of POP  (Proof Of Principle) samples, again to be presented to OEM companies on license base,  or “toll manufacturers” for pre-marketing and/or full testing. Some 5 million Euro – totally paid by the shareholders – was invested till 2015 in those years. One product proved of overwhelming interest: adding strong top- and bottom layers to a light core of honeycomb .

Compoform BV

The product mentioned above: multi super strong top- and bottom layers melted to a light core of honeycomb, was in such high demand, that in 2015 a development-production company was started named “Compoform BV” (same shareholders as Compomeer)

Also using the IP from Compomeer, three years of further development (again paid by the shareholders) followed and did lead to: dedicated deck-layers (up till 7) different core-materials (honeycombs and foams), different consolidation methods (melting and glue-melting) and many final products, always realized together with selected customers.

Glacopol BV

One of the most important materials for Compoform’s decklayers, were thermoplastics

FRP products (Fiber Reenforced Polymer), and the shareholders had chosen already in the development period at Compomeer, that it would be interesting to realize a dedicated “Fiber – Uni-directional Polymer” line on a width of 1200 mm. One of the most used product for Compoform’s deck-layers, was (and is)  “UD-glass” in which glass-fibers (strong / cheap) are used in a polymer-matrix. However this product was available at that time in a width of 300mm and Compoform saw a supplementary advantage to be / become more independent.

In 2017 other UD-glass products became available in a consolidated “cross-ply” structure and the shareholders decided to “moth ball” the GlaCoPol line for the time being.


Turnover in Compoform more than doubles every year and considering the first three to four years as starting- and developing years, writing off all investments as costs, today Compoform can already show a certainly positive exploitation and further strong cash-positive growth.

Time to think about new applications and expansion, looking for alliances (to restart an high capacity European “UD fiber-polymer” production (revive GlaCoPol), a semi-automatic “cross-ply production”, a dedicated “core-production”  , further growth of the company  and strategical alliances with third parties.

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