Our Story

Founder and CEO of Compoform Paul Hamm

Founder and CEO of Compoform Paul Hamm decided he should contribute reducing the human eco-footprint using his particular expertise in chemical engineering. Doing so in late 2012, he founded Compomeer.

Compomeer develops innovative, super strong, high performing, ultra-light and recyclable thermoplastic composite materials for a variety of applications. Composites are created by combining different materials together to form a whole structure that is better than the individual components. Composites are frequently found in nature, and there are many man made composites in our world. The products developed contribute to recyclability and, in some cases, even enhances the biodegradability of materials that could potentially pollute our environment.

Compoform is a 100% independent Dutch production company. Compoform is producing one of the Compomeer products; the Compoform composite deck. Compoform is a reliable European manufacturer. Our production lines are operated by our dedicated staff in Beek (NL). The production lines are own design and development, tuned to perfection with the help of several technical universities and engineered for output to the highest standards. The production process is fully integrated from raw material to finished product and even recirculation. Compoform supplies different demanding markets such as construction, off-shore, automotive, mechanical engineering, etc.

Compoform creates a high-tech engineered composite of long glass fibers in a matrix of polypropylene (PP). Using these two materials we create sustainable, superstrong, lightweight panels with a honeycomb core. Replacing traditional materials by Compoform panels contributes to a better and safer world.

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